Born and raised in the Netherlands once I decided it was time for more nature and quietness in my life. Something that I found at first a couple of hundred kilometers south form the arctic circle. After a while though, the love of the arctic wilderness drove me further up north.


Here, surrounded by the ever changing beauty of the Far North, it's difficult not to get inspired by nature. It made me pick up photography after having been too long too far away in my mind but always been alive somewhere deep in my heart.

Not only inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature but also by her wisdom, I like to add small poems to the pictures, which are to me, reflecting this wisdom. But forgive me my poetic freedom for English is not my mother tongue.

Now, photographing this amazing wilderness and writing the poems to go with the pictures, helps keeping me amazed about the beauty of the arctic. Because believe me when I say, you get spoiled and used to it when living here for somewhile with the danger of starting to take it all for granted...

In case you are inspired by the pictures and poetry on my website and want to use them for whatever reason, I would love to hear from you.

The inspiring North

Felt Crafts and Photo Art

by Claudia de Jong


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